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Product History
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High Speed Coastal Patrol Vessel Goa
Fisheries protection & monitoring foreign trawlers
EEZ & Coastal Patrol Anti-smuggling search and rescue during hostility and wartime, provide communication link and escort convoys.
Hull Material Steel ABS grade A/B
Superstructure   Aluminium
Dual classification ABS & IRS
A1 HSC (Special Govt. Service)
Electrical Equipment
Networks 416V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz / 240VAC/ 24VDC
Generators 2 x 120 KW, 415V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Main Particulars
Length Overall
50.40 M (Incl. Water Jet)
Beam (mid) 7.50 M
Depth (mid) 4.00 M
Draught 2.10 M
Displacement 270 Tons
Deck Machinery
Anchor equipment 2 x 203 Kgs. HHP Anchor, 17.5 mm dia.U2 chain of 247.5 mtrs.
Anchor capstan 2 nos.
Mooring capstan 1.5 T @ 12mtrs/ minute
Crane Aticulated electro-hydraulic boat handling crane
Rescue Boat 4.7 mtrs Rigid inflatable Boat with 40 HP OBM & 3.8 mtr
Gemini boat with 25 HP OBM
Electric Plant
7 Officers & 28 Sailors
Fuel Oil
28 Tons
Fresh Water
10 Tons
Lub. Oil 1 Tons
Nautical, Surveillance and Communication Equipment
Radar with ARPA Auto Pilot Electronic Chart Display & Information system
Magnetic Compass DGPS Speed log
Gyro Compass Echosounder Communiation according to GMDSS A3
Speed (at trial displ) 35 knots
Range 1500 NM at 12 - 14 knots
Endurance 7 days
Provision for fitment of :
1 x 30 mm Power Operated Gun 2 x 12.5 mm LMG
Propulsion System
Main Engine 3 x MTU-F 16V4000 M90
Total Power 3 x 2720 KW at 2040 RPM
Gear Box ZF make
Propulsion Water jet system KAMEWA Type - 71 SII
35 Knot High Speed Vessel India