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'SAMUDRA SHIKSHA', a Survival at Sea Training Facility (SSTF) Unit built by Goa Shipyard Ltd. for ONGC Ltd. in the form of a non-self propelled afloat steel Barge has been designed and built with adequate training equipment to train personnel on 'Survival & Rescue at Sea' during fire and associated risks. It is a training infrastructure with similar / mock environment of an offshore installation, geared up with live and dummy equipments and systems to impart training to personnel engaged on offshore platforms in fire, smoke, gas & flood detection and alarm systems, fire suppression systems, handling of life saving equipments. It comprises a three deck structure housing machineries & systems, a dummy process area, accommodation, a class room, a fire fighting & life saving appliances display cum demo room, life rafts, life boat and rescue boats, a dummy helipad and a dummy fire monitor etc. to simulate an offshore platform.

FRP Boats Goa
Training of offshore personnel about Rescue & Survival at Sea during fire and associated risks. The training shall contain following drills:

Abandonment Drills Scramble net exercises
Life boat Handling and Maneuvering Helideck emergency demonstration
Rescue boat Handling & Maneuvering Sea Survival and Rescue Drills
Man overboard drill Process Area Safety and Fire Drills
Casualty evacuation drill by life boat and or rescue boat Training on Fire, Smoke, Gas & Flood detection and alarm systems.
Demonstration of life raft Training on Fire suppression Systems
Helicopter Landing / Take off, Communication & Safety    
Structure Material Steel
Indian Register of Shipping Survival At Sea Training IndiaIWL “ZONE 1”, “SURVIVAL AT SEA TRAINING FACILITY BARGE”
Training Aids
Totally enclosed Life Boat Fire Blankets Breathing Apparatus
Rescue Boat Scramble Nets Distress Beacons / Reflectors
Self Inflating Life Rafts Stretchers, First Aid Kits Survival Locator Lights
Life Jackets & Inflators Fireman’s Suits Safety Signs
Life Buoys Antiglare Sunscreens Retro-Reflective Tape etc.
Length Overall
36.0 M
Length on W.L 36.0 M
Breadth ( Moulded. ) 16.80 M
Depth ( Moulded. ) 2.35 M
Draught ( Light ) 0.65 M
Displacement 400 Tons ( approx. )
Fire and Gas Detection, Alarm & Extinguishing Systems
Totally enclosed Life Boat Heat Detectors
FM 200 System Smoke Detectors
DCP System Hose Reels with Nozzles UV Detectors
Foam Water Hose Reels and Nozzles Hydro Carbon Gas Detectors
Automatic Water Sprinkling System Portable Fire Extinguishers
6/8 Zone Fire Detection and Alarm Panel Manual Call Points and Response Indicators
Survival Crafts
Totally enclosed FRP Boat powered by BUKH DV24RME Diesel Engine, Capacity 56 Persons, Dimensions 7.35 x 2.68 x 1.05 M, Unladen Weight 3345 Kgs., Speed 6 Knots, Endurance 144 NM.
Class Room
20 Trainees
Accommodation 15 Persons
Fuel Oil 10 Tons
Fresh Water 15 Tons
Generators 2 x 80 KW
Rescue Boat
FRP Boat powered by 75 HP YAMAHA OBM, Capacity 9 Persons, Dimensions 6.10 x 2.50 x 0.925 M, Speed 22.5 Knots, Endurance 24 NM at 6 Knots Speed.