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RTI Act Business Processes
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General Procedure For Selection/Recruitment Being Followed In Gsl
  Main Business Processes:  
1 Marketing  HOD (TS)/FPG
2 Product Contracting (Except – Commercial functions, Ship Repairs, General Engineering and Civil Engineering) HOD (TS)/FPG
  Bidding (Responding to RFP & tenders, preparation of specifications & estimates, approvals, submission of quotes etc.) HOD (TS)/FPG
  Contract Review (Review of requirements of the product) HOD (TS)/FPG
  Finalisation of contract HOD (TS)/FPG
3 Amendments to the contracts HOD (TS)/FPG
4 Product Design & Development HOD (TS)
  Design input review HOD (TS)
  Preparation of basic design HOD (TS)
  Design verification HOD (TS)
  Statutory/ class approvals HOD (TS)
  Preparation of Design outputs HOD (TS)
  Design output review HOD (TS)
  Review of requirements related to purchased product (TNC)  
  Design validation HOD (TS)
  Design & development changes HOD (TS)
5 Project Planning HOD (PLG)
  Project planning --Do--
  Production planning --Do--
  Project Monitoring --Do--
  Production Control --Do--
6 Resource planning HOD (PLG)
  Infrastructure & resources Planning --Do--
  Execution of Civil Engineering work --Do--
  Maintenance of Civil Engineering work --Do—
7 Purchasing  (Material & Services) HOD (COMML)
  Evaluation  & registration of Suppliers --Do--
  Tendering --Do--
  Evaluation of quotes --Do--
  Preparation purchase proposals & approvals --Do--
  Placement of orders --Do--
  Verification of Purchased products --Do--
  i) Prior to dispatch at vendor’s premises --Do--
  ii) On receipt in at GSL. --Do--
  Control of non-conforming purchased product --Do--
  Receipt & data entry --Do--
  Handling, Storage & preservation of purchased product --Do--
  Issue --Do--
  Dispatch of items for repairs/ replacement & follow up --Do--
  Performance evaluation (Vendor rating/ re-evaluation)  of  existing  suppliers and appropriate action --Do--
8 Production  & Service Provision HOD (P)
  Validation of processes required for production & Service provision  
  Hull construction --Do--
  Hull Outfitting --Do--
  Engineering & Piping Outfitting --Do--
  Electrical, Electronics & Weapons Outfitting --Do--
  Monitoring & Measurement of the product (Inspection, tests & trials) HOD (P) & HOD (QA&R)
  Control of non-conforming product HOD (P)
  Delivery Director (Operations),
  Provision of Post Delivery Services HOD (P)
  Handling Customer complaints Director (Operations) & HOD (P)
  Control of outsourced work Respective HOD
  Yard services HOD (P)
  Maintenance of Plant & Machinery HOD (P)
  Control of inspection, measuring & test equipments HOD (P) & HOD (QA&R)
  Purchasing (materials & services) for yard services & after sales services. HOD (P)
  Comdt. Sunil Maneshinde CM
1 Marketing  HOD SR & GES
2 Bidding  HOD SR & GES
3 Contract Review HOD SR & GES
4 Contracting HOD SR & GES
5 Planning HOD SR & GES
6 Purchasing (Material & services) HOD SR & GES
7 Execution of Ship repairs & GES processes HOD SR & GES
8 In process Inspection, tests & trials HOD SR & GES
9 Control of non-conforming product HOD SR & GES
10 Final inspections, tests & trials HOD SR & GES
11 Delivery HOD SR & GES
12 Provision of Post Delivery Services HOD SR & GES
13 Handling Customer Complaints & Customer Feedback HOD SR & GES
14 Outsourcing cell HOD(OS)
1 Provision of Human Resources HOD P&A & Respective HOD
2 HRD & QC’s HOD P&A & Respective HOD
3 Transport HOD P&A
4 Fire services HOD P&A & OIC CISF
5 Canteen Services HOD P&A
6 General Administration HOD P&A
7 House keeping HOD P&A
8 Official Language implementation HOD P&A
9 Personal Relations HOD P&A
10 Security Services HOD P&A & OIC CISF
11 Medical Services HOD P&A & CMO
12 Personnel HOD P&A
13 Safety HOD (P) & Respective HOD
14 Product identification & traceability HOD ( TS) , COMML & PRODN.
15 Handling customer property HOD  COMML & PRODN.
16 Civil and Estate requirements HOD (Plg)
17 Finance Management HOD (F)
18 Secretarial & Legal matters HOD ( S &L)
19 EDP & ERP HOD (F)
20 Vigilance CVO