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Responsibility & Authorities
Schemes & Subsidy
Various Committees of Directors
Corporate Management Committee
Fees Payable
Business Processes
Senior Management
Power and Duties of Officers
Monthly Remuneration
Complaints Committee for Enquiring into Complaints of Sexual Harassment
General Procedure For Selection/Recruitment Being Followed In Gsl
Responsibility & Authorities
The responsibility and authorities of the officers are clearly defined in ISO Manual of the company under reference 10 QSP.

Corporate Management Committee
This committee comprising of CMD, Functional Directors, General Managers and HODs, meets every Saturday to review the status of various activities/functions during the week and to take a view on various matters of policy.

Shop Council
The company has four Shop Councils consisting equal no. members from the management and the workmen representatives. The functions of these shop councils are to consider various proposals/suggestions for implementation of :
  Improvement in production facilities   Control and avoidance of Hazards
  Improvement in storage facilities in a shop   Issues concerning safety of the men
  Improvement in material economy   Quality improvements
  Wastage control   Cleanliness

Sports Committee
This committee conducts various sports activities ever year to encourage sports and games and to keep the employees and their families fit and healthy.

Fees Payable
  No fee for applicants “BELOW POVERTY LINE”.
  Application fees Rs.10/- or as amended from time to time
  Per page Rs.2/-
  Per floppy Rs.50/-
  Samples/Models etc. – actual cost
  Inspection for first hour will be free & for subsequent every additional 15 minutes Rs.5/-.
  The fees payable in favor of Goa Shipyard Limited payable at Goa through DD/postal order.

Power and Duties of Officers
The Board of Directors has delegated powers to Chairman & Managing Director, who in turn has sub-delegated some of his powers to Directors and all HODs in the company.  The same have been promulgated vide different CMD memos from time to time.

Monthly Remuneration
The system of compensation and the monthly remuneration received by the officers is as per the Government Guidelines.   Similarly, the compensation paid to the employees is as per the Wage Settlement negotiated with the Registered trade unions in the company and as approved by the Board of Directors.  The details of monthly remuneration paid to each officer & employee are available with Officer-in-Charge, Payroll, telephone Nos. 0832-2512152 Ext-2305 (Off).