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RTI Act Schemes & Subsidy
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Responsibility & Authorities
Schemes & Subsidy
Various Committees of Directors
Corporate Management Committee
Fees Payable
Business Processes
Senior Management
Power and Duties of Officers
Monthly Remuneration
Complaints Committee for Enquiring into Complaints of Sexual Harassment
General Procedure For Selection/Recruitment Being Followed In Gsl
Food and Medical Benefits
Employees Canteen (Employee & Supervisors) : Break fast with tea – Rs.0.50ps
Lunch (Veg & Non Veg – Rs.1.50ps
Snacks & tea - Rs.0.60ps
Officers   Lunch provided to the executives is subsidized by Rs.4.50ps

Employee covered under ESI: : As per provisions of Employees’ State Insurance Act,1948.
Employees (Out side the Purview of ESI)
: Domiciliary per head – Rs.2000/-pa
Hospitalisation self - actual.
Dependents @ 12000/- pa
Supervisors : Domiciliary one month Basic + DA
Hospitalisation self actual, Dependents @100000/- pa
Officers : Domiciliary one month Basic + DA pa.
Hospitalisation–self & Dependents actual.
Death Benfit cum Welfare Fund Scheme
This is a voluntary Welfare Fund Scheme under which member employee contributions at the rate of Rs. 4/- per month and the matching contributions is also paid from the Company. The object for this fund is to grant monetary assistance of Rs. 20,000/- to the nominee of the employee who expires whilst in service.

Other benefits granted under the scheme are as follows –

Funeral expenses of Rs. 600/- to the nominee.
Retirement benefit of Rs. 500/- (Only for retired members)

Employees Assistance Programme
GSL, in collaboration with Krupa Foundation (NGO) and International Labour Organisation has launched an Employees Assistance Programme to address the their personal problems like alcoholism, HIV and AIDS etc. The problems are addressed by means of :

  Individual Counseling   Self Help Group meeting (AA)
  Group Therapy   Counseling for HIV & AIDS clients
  Family Counseling   Mental Health Concentration

Employees requiring rehabilitation are referred to Krupa Rehabilitation Center (an NGO) at Anjuna. This programme lasts for 3 months. Rs. 2,000/- per month is given to the family as a subsistence allowance.

Uniforms & Other Amenitiesn
All employees/supervisors/officers are provided with uniforms, soaps, towels, monsoon gear, safety shoes etc.

Transport Facility
Transport facility is provided for all school going children of employees/supervisors/officers within VASCO city.